Friday, February 22, 2013

Stuart Desert Pea, Preparations for cropping 2013

What excitment, my sister gave me a small seedling of a Stuart Desert Pea, a beautiful native which is also the State Emblem for South Australia, grows in all states except Victoria. I couldn't believe my eyes this week, some beautiful flowers at last. Red with a very dark boss. This is a plant I have watched and didn't think I would ever grow one. Yeh!!!! so excited.
Sheep Feed Lot, divided into four sections.
We are feeding sheep this week for a friend who is away for a few days. They have plenty of water and hay, our job is to put grain in the feeders on the ground each day. The sheep get ready looking out for you and start feeding as soon as they can when they see the ute and trailer arrive.
 Press wheels will be attached to the back of the red cultivator frame.
The latest purchase a blue Versatile tractor to pull the air seeder for cropping, Pa is making a frame and plates to attach press wheels too. The Air Seeder needs these to push the soil in contact with the grain sown making for better germination. Pa is welding in the workshop a job he really enjoys.

No rain as yet, it has been very dry for months. September last year was when we had our last good rain.
We have been spared fires here, but in the Grampians and the Great Dividing Range the fires have been going for weeks and very hard to control.
Love to you all.

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