Friday, November 29, 2013


 I was asked how you empty a grain bag. You require a machine like the above that will roll up the plastic bag onto a roller as the auger that has been inserted into the bag empties the grain into your bin, truck etc. The cutter is on the left of this picture on the auger, see picture below.
 This is the cutter splitting the bag so the plastic can be put onto the rollers as the grain is being taken out.
 Here you can see the bag being rolled up, and the auger ready to empty the grain into the waiting truck
There is a tractor attached to the above machine and is moving slowly backwards as the bag is emptied, nearly there with this one. You can see the grain filling the truck above.
Driving around the countryside here you will see these storage bag dotted all over the paddocks. Time is saved carting grain, crops are harvested faster and you then deliver the grain at a time suitable for you later in the year, or even transfer to another more permanent storage.
Technology has helped the farmer to be more efficient, delivering a good quality grain.
Harvest time over the years has changed, once there were small trucks on the road all day delivering to silo's, now with the storage bins, bags and double B trucks taking grain to large storage sites the small silo's are no longer in use. You deliver to large storage sites, many have bunkers - these are stacks of grain stored on the ground in bunkers and covered with tarps. Grain is then ready to deliver to the ships for overseas customers. The bunkers have small walls and are water proof.
We had some rain overnight, not a lot but enough to stop the harvesters stripping the grain. Day has dawned nice and sunny with a light breeze crops will dry out quickly.
Bye for now, your days will be full with parties and concerts as the Christmas season gathers speed.
                                                               Love to all.
                                                          NANA ON THE FARM.

Monday, November 25, 2013


 Grain being augered from chaser bin into the hopper of the bag filler. Machine moves forward as the grain is filling into the bag. They look like big white sausages on the ground when filled.

                       White girls playing with the little kittens, they are so cute. Girls or Kittens??
                              Look at the beautiful flowers we have picked from Nana's garden.
                                What fun it was having a bath in the toy bins, a little warm water then                                                                                   hopped in, even closed the lid.
                                                           How cute am I!!!!
                                                               Peek-a-boo - (Zoe.)

Pa and Nana are busy with harvesting, weather has been kind so far. Although some of the crops are still a bit green we have been able to keep going. This Wednesday and Thursday the weather man is forecasting that we will possibly get to about 39degrees - now that will be hot, any crop still a little green should ripen then.
I am so excited about my tomato crop, there a so many tomato's setting, should have a plentiful supply for Christmas. Don't know why they set so well, don't see many bees around, however the days have been very windy and I can only quess that this has been shaking the plants and pollinating the flowers.(photo later) Whatever the reason I am very happy with the crop and hope to make some tomato sauce this year. On the other hand, not many strawberries with the first flowering, hope for more with this next flowering coming up looking good. It has been a really crazy season so far for the vegetable garden. Potatoes are flowering, and the climbing beans are starting to put out their little 'arms' to climb with.
                      Bye for now, hope you are all well and busy with the coming Christmas season. 
                                                                  LOVE TO EVERYBODY.
                                                                  NANA ON THE FARM...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


5TH November started the peas and canola harvest. Weather nice and mild. Pa has made a start on the paddock north of the house - twilight peas. Storage of peas in field bin and chaser bin.

Pa on our header stripping Twilight Peas.

Daryl Fox in their Header picking up the canola in the double dam paddock.

I have snapped these photo's just on dark so light has nearly gone.
A quite start, weather is possibly going to get cold and wet later in the week.
Hi everybody.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Caillou helped Nana prepare the vegie plot for the tomato plants, I have pictured him working hard with the raking of the soil. If you look very hard at the green looking pictures you will find tomato's growing on the plants. Pa and Nana have been covering them when there is a frost warning, today 2nd Nov listening to the weather forecast they are warning of frosts next week.

Nana has tried a collage of the happenings, we are so pleased with the plants this year. Put plenty of blood and bone and sulphate of potash in the soil prior to planting and have chosen a new site to grow the plants.
Pa has been very busy of late getting prepared for the harvest, nearly ready and we are keeping a close watch on everything waiting for the right moisture level in grain so we can harvest.
                                                       Bye for now everybody.
                                                      NANA ON THE FARM.