Saturday, November 2, 2013


Caillou helped Nana prepare the vegie plot for the tomato plants, I have pictured him working hard with the raking of the soil. If you look very hard at the green looking pictures you will find tomato's growing on the plants. Pa and Nana have been covering them when there is a frost warning, today 2nd Nov listening to the weather forecast they are warning of frosts next week.

Nana has tried a collage of the happenings, we are so pleased with the plants this year. Put plenty of blood and bone and sulphate of potash in the soil prior to planting and have chosen a new site to grow the plants.
Pa has been very busy of late getting prepared for the harvest, nearly ready and we are keeping a close watch on everything waiting for the right moisture level in grain so we can harvest.
                                                       Bye for now everybody.
                                                      NANA ON THE FARM.

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