Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Last week the clouds came and went, we missed out on the rain. Crops are still looking okay, barley is out in ear, peas are flowering, soon the wheat will be coming into head as well. Monday was such a windy day this is what the yard looked like leaves built up all over the lawn.

 Nana has been clearing up some of the plants that have grown up and needed a tidy up. Pa put the loader at the gate for Nana to load the rubbish straight into the bucket ready for carting away.
Don,t you love flowers? Nasturtiums are such happy flowers with all the yellow and orange colors.

Spring is such a pretty time of the year, the blossoms on the flowering trees are making a beautiful display, pink flowers with the purple leaves just starting 

 Adam has brought his header to our place to do some repairs for the coming harvest. Pa has the fork lift out to help with the lifting of the large parts.
 The men are busy getting out all the parts to check what will need attention and repairing.

This week we had a Birthday Girl - Happy Birthday Bonnie, hope you had a lovely day.
Next month we have a number having a Birthday, how the year has flown - soon it will be summer and Christmas.
                                  LOVE TO EVERYBODY.          BYE FOR NOW.
                                                     NANA ON THE FARM.

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