Friday, December 27, 2013


Look at the fun being had sliding on the lawn.

Demonstration of the a clapping game, Izzi and Holly are so good at this.

Takara with the hair chalk colouring.

Ben with his multi coloured hair.

Ben and Bonnie colouring Auntie Kaye's hair.

Izzi with some blue colouring.

Love Bonnie's hair, but that horrible fly has just landed on her face. - shoo -.

These kittens are not very keen to be nursed, Takara is being very careful and wrapped the puss in a towel in case of nasty scratches.

Holly and Izzi getting a nurse of the kitten.
There was lots of fun applying this to each others hair, and the best thing it comes out with a wash.

Number 1 and Number 4 sisters, Don't you love them. They are wonderful.
It is wonderful to see the family and how the cousins get to see each other and have lots of play time.
Greetings to our UK family and send all our Christmas love over the seas to you, hope you are having a great time, and we would love to hear that you might get some snow.
Happy New Year everybody.
                                                               LOVE YOU ALL.
                                                         NANA ON THE FARM.

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