Tuesday, August 14, 2012


A couple of pictures taken during the last holidays at Nana's
 Having lots of fun at Nana's playing with the lego during the July School holidays.

 Nana come and see the dolls in bed outside! this is how I spent some of the time during the July school holidays.

 Pa using the rake to push up the tree pieces for Nana to stack for the fire.
 At last, I am getting some of the Camphor Laurel trimmed, it has been dropping leaves everywhere, Pa is loving the long handled chain saw, if you look above the ladder you will be able to see the end. A great invention, now you can get away from the branches dropping down on you ..
 Just love this Grevillea - Flora Mason - bush is covered and the little birds are having a great time visiting.
 Another view of the tree in front of the house under the power line, it has really been trimmed. Hasn't looked very healthy for a number of years, hope it recovers.
The parrots come and pick all these beautiful gum flowers and have the ground covered. Spring is on the way now.
Today is sunny but a rather strong breeze, the spring winds are starting. Pa is getting ready to put out some urea on the off chance it will rain later in the week. Crops are starting to look "spikey" wont' be long now till the ears will start to appear and start flowering.
Some words of wisdom - The best way to predice your future is to create it"
Thought I would share with you.
Love From Nana on the farm.

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