Saturday, August 11, 2012


 Wow, it was sooo.... cold Friday I put on this roaring fire and stayed inside, Pa loved to warm up after golf at Quambatook. I love the fires in winter, just a lovely warmth.
 Saturday - Weather was a little better and I have been out in the vegie patch, planted out a new strawberry bed---not very big, hope for some beautiful fruit later.
Puss is inspecting the broccolli, in front, my beetroot is just starting to put on some leaves,at the back the spinch is powering away. Will start working on a area for some tomatoes, not having much luck with them lately---- this year might be the year. This cat comes everywhere with us, but as soon as a stranger comes you can't find him. Always at the door waiting for you, especially if you give him some food.

Bye for now, Love from Nana and Pa take care.

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