Sunday, April 28, 2013


Nana and Pa with our wonderful UK family, thanks for coming all the way to Australia to visit us, WE ARE SO BLESSED what a great two weeks we had together. Congratulations to the Birthday girl for having her 5th birthday with us as well.
Pa at the shed with smooth the dog and Kaye from QLD, we have been spoilt with everybody travelling such long distances to get together.

Having fun with the baby animals at the Pioneer Settlement, These grand children's  Mum had quinea pigs as pets- especially GP a lovely white one.
Feeding the lambs, they were very hungry and drank up their milk and wanted more.

Pa with QLD family, thanks for visiting, loved the time spent together.

Nana saying goodbye to QLD family.

Time flew by so fast, weather was beautiful, now everybody is back home, at work and school.
Grandies have grown up so fast, doing wonderful things as well.
Love you all.

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