Thursday, April 4, 2013


2013 - Easter has arrived, we have been waiting for ages to see our UK family, at last they are here.
Just to add to the excitement we had a group of hang gliders land on our farm. They had flown about 60 Kilometers, excited family pointing at the gliders coming into land.
Standing in front of a glider that has landed. They are so big and had many colours, this one was yellow,  the red one looked lovely as well. They were folded up and took up very little space then were loaded up on to vehicles and you wouldn't have know they had flown into our paddock.
Bear from UK school has come half way around the world to have some Australian adventures.  Photo's and story will be lots of fun to put together for the children in London.

Visited a Pioneer Settlement and played on the old fire engines, tried on the hats. Had a great time looking around, there were old shops, houses and farm machinery. Road in a vintage car, also had a ride in a horse drawn covered cart. There is so much to see and do, next time will go for a ride on a paddle steamer there as well. Took some sandwiches to eat in their beautiful surrounds.
Played in the lake, tried to row, swam and built castles in the sand.
Some tried their hand at building with the lego.
What a surprise, you can make pictures as well as making models, loved the ideas they came up with.

Pa took us for a ride in his big truck.

It was a long way down to the ground, needed a helping hand. It was great fun sitting in the cabin and going for a ride with Pa.

Look at the big wheels on the tractor, 5 of us can fit in.
Time has flown so fast, everybody has gone home.
We managed to sleep all over the place, on the floor, in a tent, on the back of a ute and Nana and Pa have a bed in a barn.
It was so enjoyable to have everybody around.
Now we have a 5th birthday on 11th April to go to. How the 5 years have flown since I went to the UK for her arrival. Happy Birthday.
Love to everybody and many thanks for such a lovely time together.

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