Monday, March 25, 2013


                              Easter is nearly here, still no rain to get things moving on the farm.                                    Hope the easter bunny is around and leaves lots of yummy chocolates for us!!!!
I found some Allepo trees is tubes this week and have potted them on ready for planting as soon as there is enough moisture. They have made a beautiful windbreak on the west side of the house, but a few that have died, need replacing. Of course I have had to have the inspection from one of the kittens.!!!

Don't they look like they are in a mud bath! Just soaking them to expel the air in the potting mix.
I have placed them in one of the great foam boxes that are around the farm. They are great for the plants as they keep the sun from heating them up too much. Now they will have to go out into a sheltered spot waiting for the right time to plant. March is usually the best time as the soil is still warm, however the ground is bone dry this year.

The air seeder looks great with the press wheels on and ready to go. The seed box and tubes have to be attached again.

I carefully crept up around the tractor wheels and took this photo of our very camera shy dog. As soon as he see me with something that looks like it will be pointing his way he slinks off and hides. I had it on a long lens and not very clear.

Had an email from the UK and they are getting ready to pack their bags......not long now. So looking forward to seeing them all again, how the grandies will have grown, big school children now.

                                                       LOVE TO EVERYBODY.

                                                        NANA ON THE FARM.


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Love these sorts of trees!