Thursday, March 14, 2013


 The double dam paddock is having some gypsum spread on it, getting ready for cropping. At the moment it is still very dry and the temperatures have been up in the high 30's. with no rain forecast in the near future. Records are being broken for the run of hot days and nights this autumn.

Pa is off with a load of gypsum to spread.
Into the dress ups, getting all dolled up pretending they are having a wedding.

Nana, some grandies and Dad, HAT PARADE. Lots of fun was had with the hats.

Three beautiful Blondie's on the back door step, Love to dress in pretty things and put flowers in hair
Work in progress----frame is starting to take shape for the press wheels. The long steel will be added to take the wheels. Pa is very good at making machinery, loves the work, thinking out, then making the machine.

Pa has used the fork lift to raise the front of the ute.
Now the wheel is easy to change!! We have to think -------how we can do things simpler??------

A great week again on the farm, mostly getting organised for when the rains come. Then cropping will start again, each year is different, rain pattern's dictate what we do.

Thinking of  QLD grand daughter, hope the broken arm is on the mend. Thanks for the beautiful note in the mail as well, love it, lots of thought went into the presentation.

Soon the UK family will be here, hurrah.
Love to all.


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