Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The direct drill is finally starting to show how the press wheels will be added, the frames are all bolted on, next will be the addition of the wheels.

Not finished as yet, just over half of the wheels are on, starting to look good.
FINISHED at last, how good is that?? I think Pa is so clever.
Just checking!!

The weather man is forcasting a shower on Thursday, but no big rains yet. This week has cooled down, so much nicer than the very hot days of the last few weeks. Soon all will be organised ready for cropping, then before you know it summer will have arrived and we will be looking at a harvest.

I am so impressed with this letter I received, the photo isn't very clear. If you look closely you will see that there have been many ideas used in the formation of the note. Pasted cut out letters, eyes used for the word --see-- I just love it, many thanks so wonderful.
Our UK family will soon be here in Australia -- exciting-- the fun of easter, hunts for eggs, and the most important of all -----A BIRTHDAY-- , presents, cakes etc. It is going to be fun.
Bye for now.

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Be A Fun Mum said...

That's one big machine!