Sunday, March 3, 2013

Looking back, Press wheels frame taking shape

"Thank You" Camel expedition 2008-2009 Caillou and Takara at the corner of the Jampot Road. Nana was looking out of the kitchen window when we noticed some camels on the side of the road. We got into the car and went to invesitgate.... we found a' Darwin to Melbourne' expedition was mid day lunch and they were resting the camels.  On their way to Shepparton finally finishing in Melbourne. The camels then were taken to Kilmore to Moira Kelly .Her foundation mission is to provide a safe haven for children irrespective of race or creed who are in need of mecidal or emotional support. We never heard how much was raised to support the Foundation. What a long walk to be undertaken, a wonderful effort.
Down Memory Lane
Photo was taken four years ago. October 2009
 Pa is making these to be put on the side of silo's...The cap can be removed and the tablets of chemical can be popped in safely without touching them, closed quickly so that you will  be safe from the fumes. This treatment of the grain is to kill any weevils that can be so destructive by boring into the wheat/barley etc and ruining everything.
                                          Close up when placed on the outer wall of the silo.
 These pieces of steel will form part of the frame to support press wheels for the direct drill.
The same steel but now coated with a black paint. Will post more photo's of the work as soon as it takes shape.
No rain as yet, however the March winds have been blowing for the past 4 days.
Happy Birthday to the Birthday girls, 20th and 28th, hope you both had a great day.
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