Monday, March 4, 2013

BOOKS I have been reading lately

It would have been great to get into some sewing while I am waiting for my hip operation to heal, however sitting for any length of time wasn't very comfortable. Get a good book, lie down and settle in for a long read, was the next option and I have enjoyed the time.
I love watching the Wallander series on the TV. Found this book, loved the read but was so sad that this was going to be the last book in this series as they have written out the detective.

Some of these books were gifts at Xmas time to Pa and Nana. Pa usually reads the detective novels, but I picked up some and read them. Loved the "Place of Execution" by Val McDermid, couldn't see the finish coming the way it was. Liane Mortarty also was a great writer covering the -feelings of a a lost love- strange topic but an eye opener. There was plenty suspense to keep you reading, also they were quite quick to get through. Have enjoyed the journey into another world of crime and intrigue as seen through the eyes of the authors.

Back to some more books.
Love to everyone.

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