Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Autumn has arrived and my crepe myrtle has been covered in beautiful red leaves. The last few days have been very windy, this wind has pulled all the leaves off the tree and covered the ground with a carpet of red leaves.
WOW, what a surprise - I have received a terrific photo album in the mail from our wonderful family. The album was a Mother's Day gift, and I love it,  will cherish for years to come. It was so thoughtful of you all - Thanks so very much. I have taken some photo's of the book and hope they will be clear enough for all to see. The cover has some of the grand kids sitting in the windows of Puffing Billy and dangling their legs out, what fun that was. All the carriages were the same, children having fun..
Nana and Pa with four of the girls at Puffing Billy in the Dandenong's. They are the best family one could wish for. Number 5 had to work, we missed you all. Nana talking again!!!
Some of the pictures included in the book

Just a wonderful presentation, so many lovely memories to cherish..
The front room of our temporary OP shop. We have so much that has been donated from the people of the town. When the next move comes at the end of the year we will have to sort again as the next venue won't be as large as this house.

Found this beautiful striated pardalote out the front of our house, it had flown against the window and died. These birds are distributed almost over the whole of Australia and Tasmania. They generally feed high in the foliage of gum and wattle trees busily searching every leaf and twig for their food. Will eat, small spiders, bugs, grasshoppers, small beetles, ants, wasps, flies, native bees and any other little creepy crawlies they can find. Both male and female birds will build their nests in earthen banks or hollow trees.
Pa is on the tractor putting in some more crops, dry sowing. The promised rains still haven't arrived. June will soon be here, and the crops still won't be up and growing. One can only wait and see what nature will bring.
Congratulations to Holly for a prize at the Brookfield Show, well done.
Many thanks again to our great family for the thoughtful present, a beautiful memory photo album to cherish.
Love to you all,

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