Sunday, May 12, 2013


Have read this novel given as a Xmas present, loved it. This work of storyteller J.K. Rowling was about a small town. Then there is a death and this leaves an empty seat on the Parish Council. What follows is fraught with passion, duplicity and unexpected revelations as members of the town Pagford vi for the empty seat. The poor, teenagers and parents, wives and teachers and pupils all become involved in the election. What an insight into the people, I think it would be a great book for school to study.
Pa is checking on the peas that are loading into the truck.

Pa has finished emptying the truck and is now lowering the bin.
.The Murray Mallee Quilters group held a get together to make items for a stall that will be held with the Quilt Exhibition to be held in August.

The road grader has been parked out the front of the farm waiting for suitable weather to start grading the roads again. Need some rain to make the ground suitable to move.
While waiting to meet Kaye Christie  took a look around the small park at Manangatang. Kaye and Nana are off to a Quilt Exhibition at Robinswood Homestead in Robinvale. In the park there were hedges of saltbush, concrete structures decorated with stone, marbles, old taps and other found items.
Close up of the marbles, stones, insulators and taps, looks great.

The quilt with the crosses is the raffle quilt, would have loved to be the winner it is beautiful. A big effort was put into the way they had the area decorated, umbrella's back lit with lights, Balloons and a child's table and chairs with knitted dolls seated, even had a cake with 6 candles -  ladies put a big effort into making the decorations add to the exhibition.

It is Sunday evening and the rain we were hoping for hasn't arrived as yet, just a light mist to dampen the path so far.
Pa has direct drilled quite a few paddocks and it would be terrific to have a nice soaking rain to start the germination of the seed.
Would have loved to get some photo's from you of the wonderful day we had on Puffing Billy.
Went to Takara's on Monday and gave her the presents, thanks to the Aunties for the undies she loved them.
Love to all,

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