Friday, December 13, 2013


Power Cor in their cherry picker replacing insulators. They are working out the front of our place.
 Behind the two men you can see the three insulators they replaced. There was a spotter - man - on the ground watching to see they didn't do the wrong thing.
 These blocks are laid out on the floor waiting to be sewn together. I choose a dark colour and light colour sewed them together, no plan - think it will work out to be quite pretty. The blocks are on point to give the zig zag effect.
 Strawberries and tomato's are starting to ripen. They look so tempting, think they will get eaten very soon.
 Silage under plastic has been opened and the dairy farmers are taking it home to their cows to eat.
 It takes about 20 buckets of silage to load the truck. When the wind is in the west you can smell the silage - has a very sweet smell rather like a dark fruit cake.
Last bucket for this truck.Then it's off to the farm to feed out to the cows, apparently they love it. This vetch has been under the plastic cover for a year - and still is good to eat.

Harvest is nearly finished, only a few chick peas to ripen. Pa has been out ploughing up some of the ground to promote some weeds to grow. As we had a very dry summer leading up to the cropping this year there are still lots of weeds that haven't shot. Pa will get on to them with chemical spray when they appear.
Spent the last two days doing BAS and christmas letters - hopefully this paper work is enough to catch up in time for Christmas.
We are looking forward to family coming home for a few days. School takes up most of the grandies time these days, then after school activities keep everyone very busy.
Vegie plot is going well, tomato's, zucchini, strawberries, onions potatoes, corn and already some pumpkins are setting. Must get a photo of the green tomato's for you all to see.
It's off to bed for Nana. Love to everybody - hope you are counting the days till Santa comes with lots of goodies.
                                                                     Love you all.
                                                                NANA ON THE FARM.


Chookyblue...... said...

are you putting a border on the zig zag quilt.........
we nearly have a tomato to pick...........

Valda Mason said...

chookyblue, I think I will add a border - plenty of scraps to use up. I pray for some rain for you. Valda.

Celtic Thistle said...

Love your zigzag quilt and those strawberries look yummy! We have months to go before it is strawberry season here :(

Valda Mason said...

Celtic Thistle the zig zag quilt is from the scrap bag, can't wait to get it finished.
Thanks for commenting.