Friday, December 27, 2013


I love this time of the year, family and friends visiting, good food, fun opening presents, great weather to go to lake or pools for swimming. The water slide is so much fun, up to 16 slides from some of the girls, well done.
Izzi captured this snap of the very 'camera shy' dog. Smooth. We just love him, so faithful and fun to be around. Congratulation Izzi on taking such an excellent photo.

This sculpture I found at the art gallery, lots of tree branches shaped into a reindeer then tinsel decoration. Some people have a vivid imagination.

Santa visited on Christmas day and left some footprints as he was leaving. Look at all the gifts we had to share.!!!!

Zoe opening the barbie bus - love it.

Bakers opening pressies.

Bonnie and Pippa very pleased with Santa's presents.

Hels and Pippa.

Pa and whitey checking out the new phone - Dave -.

Nana is very pleased with her gift . photo album of 2013. Thanks, I love it.

Em and Richie - what do we have here???

Ben studying the lego manuel, very quickly had the plane assembled. Good one, very clever.

WOW what do we have here - The Whites in their masks,

Takara and Bonnie.

Another Christmas come and gone. Christmas day with some family, lots of food and presents, Boxing Day a BBQ with family and friends, such a lovely day to catch up and chat.
Where did the year go to so quickly?? there was plenty of things happening and time just slipped away while we were having fun. Now we wait the New Year of 2014.
Bye for now, lots of photo's to come.
                                                             NANA ON THE FARM.

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Valda Mason said...

The beautiful and faithful friend - Smooth - was put down in late December 2015. A truly sad day we miss him very much. RIP wonderful black and tan kelpie