Saturday, June 1, 2013


 Today 1st June 2013, the first day of winter and with that we have had beautiful soaking rain overnight and it has continued most of today. What a relief and with the ground warm everything will just power away  - we hope -. There haven't been puddles around the farm for such a long time, one could go and jump in them.
 Looking towards the barn.
 View from the side gate
It is very up-lifting to see the shallow water lying around in puddles. A sight we have been waiting for, for so long, the puddles will soak into the soil very quickly.
The Pioneer Settlement will be celebrating 50 years soon, and I found this plaque near the Gem(Paddle Boat) with Ross Holloway's name as Director. This was Eric Holloway's cousin - he had a vision for the town that the history of the past should be preserved for future generations. I am sure he would be pleased to see how the settlement has grown into the tourist attraction for the town. The Pyap boat wharf is being restored making it safer for the public to board.

These tea pot cosies are on display at Spoons, made by friends, Bev Roberts and Rita Monkhouse.

Kids how big have the kittens grown!, all soft and fluffy with their winter coat.
Pa couldn't play golf today, still raining would make a very uncomfortable game with cold hands, wet sticks, better to give it a miss.
We will be able to get onto finishing the cropping and start the spraying, fertilizing programs etc. The carpet of green is already starting to show, the small showers of last week started the germination process.
That's all for now.
Love to all

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