Tuesday, June 25, 2013



 We have had some very cold mornings lately, the sun was peeping over the horizon and the fog was in two layers. Looked lovely however it was a little early for the camera to catch how pretty it looked.
Did you see the SUPER Moon this week? Just as it was coming up and before the sun had set I had the camera out to see what picture I could take, this what I captured.
Tiny and Nana went to Mauries funeral this week, he graded our roads for years, really miss his work could tidy up the sides and keep the bitumen from breaking away. Tiny was a close friend, been friends for a long time.
The book was our club read this month, we all enjoyed the story, rather sad story of families that have split up and try to get on with their lives.
Some vegies starting to put on growth after the rain.
Walking around today I found some pretty flowers putting on their display of colour to warm up the winter days. Beautiful Chinese lantern covered in orange flowers, really comes to life in the cold weather.
Hibiscus still flowering, will start to look sad and loose leaves when we have bad frosts, very tender.

My little pot of pansies starting to put on a display, will last for months.

Plenty of spraying out on the farm now we have had lovely rain, weeds are coming up fast. Today has been sunny and warm just what is needed to get things growing.
Now the longest night has been days will lengthen.
Bye for now. Love to everybody.


Chookyblue...... said...

I did see the super moon this week.......it was wonderful....love seeing a full moon rise of an evening........

Valda Mason said...

Chookyblue thanks for visiting. The moon looked spectacular. Valda