Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pa attaching stick rake, Making play doh, Playing around the farm, bowling alley fun.

Back to blogging again. School holidays and so many things happening, it has been lots of fun. White's came to stay for a few days and Mitchell's have been here for the two weeks. We have had so much fun with each other. The weather has been really kind, except for a couple of days when we had fog till lunch time and some really frosty mornings.
 Pa is attaching the stick rake to the front end loader to help clean up the Lakeside Golf course for their 4 ball tournament. Makes short work of the sticks, tidies up the course for the players.
Auntie Marj cutting her 75th Birthday cake at Spoons and the afternoon was also a farewell as Marj is going to build a new home in Bendigo. Best of Luck for the future.

Getting into the making of play doh, colouring makes your hands stained, wore pink gloves. This was fun.

Climbing trees around the farm.
A visit to the Bowling Alley is always a great way to have fun.

Ball didn't go all the way and the assistant had to come and collect the ball to be able to continue with the game, they also had to reset the program. Had a drink and a bowl of chips. Going back next holidays.

Pa has and old tractor on the property near the double dam paddock, had to have a play on this as well.
 There are two owls in the shed near the tractor and we tried to see them, they were always too quick for us and this is all we saw of them.                                                                                           
More activities at the farm to come.

                                                  Love to everybody and hope you have all been having great times during the holidays.
                                       NANA ON THE FARM.

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