Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Nana and Pa collected the mail this week - what a lovely surprise - a letter from our Holly. It was lovely to hear about the sports and how they enjoyed the day, some of the girls "are so fast". Some news of the pussy cats, we still have 4 beautiful grey pussies, the Mother, and a beautiful fluffy orange coloured one.
The Mother Cat.

One of the greys - there are three others just the same, haven't they grown since you found them under the house.

Don't you love this fluffy one.
The Australian plants are just starting to flower - This one"Flora Mason" is covered with beautiful honey filled flowers and the small birds are loving it.
These days I have been reading this for our August Book club, takes a while to read as there are so many events happening in their two lives.
I am thinking of Wayne and Ray as they enjoy the "Tour of France" soon they will be back with lots of wonderful memories.

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