Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Nana visited the Mitchell's , the Thursday was so cold looked like it could have snowed. I was dropped off at the railway station and went in to Melbourne for the day visiting the craft show at "Jeff's" shed. It was wonderful seeing the beautiful things available to make. Some of the workshops I attended were very informative, especially one on modern quilts. Since the ipad has been around it has altered people's way of seeing some colours and quilting.  Modern quilts have evolved with lots of solid colour and quilting being a feature. Back on the train, such a relaxing way to travel out of the city, no hassles with traffic, sit back, relax and wait to be picked up.
Friday I was able to go to the school sports for Takara. This was a first! I have never attended anything for the grandchildren. Once again it was freezing - Takara was shivering
waiting for each game.
Saturday I again went to netball with Takara this time with the local association's games
Once a year Melbourne has an OPEN DOOR  day for the public to visit buildings that are closed to the public. We went in to Melbourne parked the car and travelled by tram to the city. While waiting for Caillou to get his child myki card Takara and I were next to a horse drawn funeral carriage. The company that owned this was one of Takara's  relations - distant - a great uncle.
What a view - we are on the helipad of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Also took a tour of the tunnels underneath the hospital to see all the infrastructure, engines - diesel and electric, they have made provision for the foyer floor and roof to be dismantled if the diesel engines need to be lifted out and repaired.
Next was off to see the horses that the police use for crowd control etc. I think it was Victoria Barracks. It was a block away from St Kilda Road, what a surprise that it was in the city. Shown around where the horses are looked after and then has a display of riding and how the horses are trained for the unexpected in crowds. Loud noises, fabric over their faces, walking on strange objects, apparently horses don't like to step on foreign object, using a large ball to push around to get them used to people pushing.
Taken in very dull conditions.
Nana enjoyed these events very much. Would love to be in Melbourne next year when the doors are open again, the list is very large and we could only manage two visits.
Will post more things going on here. 


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