Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Pa and Nana attended the annual Field Day at Speed on Thursday. The weather was lovely, sometimes we have gone and just froze. The business's come from all over Victoria and NSW - and they have some HUGE machines. How the younger generation of farmers can buy this expensive equipment to farm, is anyone's guess. One young chap's comment was - "he comes here to see what he will be buying secondhand in ten years time"This was taken out of the window of a vehicle and very blurred, however it gives a rough idea of the amount of machinery that is on show.
One doesn't expect to find your relations at a Field Day, but that is what happened to Pa. His cousin from Yumbuck was visiting for the day.  This is near Portland, Victoria. Pa looked away as I took the photo while they were inspecting the array of tools that were on display.
Pa inspecting a header and in the background is a very large spraying machine.
Home again and it clean out time for the truck, all the fertilizer that sticks to the tray has to be washed out, Pa is in the truck bin washing with the hose.
Nana is hoping for a nice sunny day to take a photo of some paper daisy flowers, they don't open in the dull days. Last year I had a small patch and they have multiplied.
My book club read - I have finished, how people complicate their lives!! just one little lie can ruin your life and career.
It looks as if spring is going to be early this year, many plants and trees are already flowering, will get about and take some pictures.
Crops are looking well and growing. Long range forecast is for a dry August, hope they are wrong, however time will tell.
                                                 NANA ON THE FARM

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