Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tractor repairs, mowing.Ouyen quilt show,vegies.

Pa taking the tractor for repairs. Need a part made and some checking and will be on the job again.

Pa busy with the ride on mower. With the showery weather we have been having weeds have started to grow and need mowing. Nana has been using the round-up to spray around and I see it is starting to work and the weeds are going yellow.
 Nana has been to OUYEN as I was asked to come to a quilt show the ladies were having. This sign is quite eye catching at the entrance to the town.
The Ouyen group have a swap between themselves each year and you choose the topic of the blocks you would like made for you. A very clever lady in the Ouyen quilting group has made a book from the blocks she received in the swap. The maker of the block has been noted on the previous page. This one is so realistic you feel the birds are real. .
I couldn't make the writing  clearer on the page, the maker of the book has detailed about the swap and has pictures of more of the blocks she received. The book is titled THE MALLEE, I loved the block of the galah's especially as the leaves are 3D standing out from the page.
Aren't rainbows beautiful?,  my camera couldn't captured it all. As this one was fading a few moments later there were two rainbows starting to develop. 
My vegie garden has supplied us with these beautiful broccoli heads, and very tasty. Strawberries will be soon flowering. I transplanted most of last years plants, hope they will come into production again this year. The crops are looking great at the moment, canola is coming into flower soon the paddock will be a blaze of yellow.               Bye for now.                                                                                                                 LOVE TO EVERYBODY.                                                                                                                                                    NANA ON THE FARM.                                                                      


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