Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I hope your Tuesday is going okay. There has been cold and rainy weather on the farm for the past few days, and Nana and Pa have been keeping warm out of the wind.
Before Takara and Caillou went home from their school holidays with us they helped to pick the pumpkins from the garden and put them on the verandah to dry after the rain. Some pumpkin soup and roast pumpkin will be just the thing. Nana will be busy in the kitchen, cooking up.
From the kitchen today I have been making potato and pea soup. I had to cook the potato and peas with onion and garlic plus some chicken stock, here I have everything bubbling away on the stove.
Pa and Nana enjoyed the finished soup very much, just added some parmesan cheese on the top, it was yummy.

Outside my window.. the crops are growing beautifully - the old dam we filled in has come up and  is looking very green.
From the window I can also see the oxalis starting to flower, now is the time to start spraying this weed.

The flowers are a beautiful yellow colour, when Nana was a girl we used to hold the flower under our chin, they made a beautiful reflection on the skin.  I am thinking the sprayer will have to be used very soon. 

A few plans for the rest of the week......Going   to visit the family in Kilmore and plan to go by train from there to see the Craft and Quilt fair in "Jeff's Shed" in Melbourne. If my sister is back in Bendigo will call and have a cuppa.
Happy Birthday to Pippa - now 3 years  old - how time has flown by.
Love to everybody.

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