Saturday, July 13, 2013

Goschen Hall, tennis, and site of school.

We had to help Pa shift some of the machinery at Goschen and decided to have a look at the old Hall, Tennis Courts and where the school site was where Pa went to school. The hall has been damaged by vandals, tennis courts are no longer in use and all there is to show that once was a school site is a plaque. Once this was a busy little place with dances, family gatherings lots of tennis and children from the surrounding area attending school, all has changed with modern means of travel. Children go to bigger schools by bus, farms are getting larger and people no longer live on their properties.
So sad to see the destruction from vandals. Looking at the broken windows.

 Pointing to the prices to come to the dances.$4.00 for Ladies and Gents and a can of drink was $1.00
Nothing is locked, this is the front entrance, even the rabbits have started to dig their holes under the step.

Just look at the mess on the floor from stones and broken glass. This was a really great floor to polish up for the dancers and for children to run and skid on.
There is one umpires seat left at the tennis courts, no nets and empty sheds.

Plaque on the old site of the Goschen school.
So much has come and gone in the area, wine shanty, school, church, houses, water commission who used to administer the water to farms via the channel system - now gone - water is piped to the properties. The Goschen tower for the TV and communication is no longer manned, but controlled from Bendigo via computer. Modern IT is amazing.
Times change so fast.
Love to all.


Chookyblue...... said...

it's sad these old buildings just go to disrepair.........

Valda Mason said...

Yes, so sad that history means very little these,s days, so many memories for many has passed through these doors"

Heather Redmond said...

Hello, Val,
Janet found your blog when trawling the net and sent me the link. I smiled at the comment about kids sliding on the floor in the hall,I remember that (not me, of course!)

Heather Redmond (Chisholm)

Valda Mason said...

Heather and Janet, what a surprise to find your comment. So sad the hall has fallen into disrepair, there were many happy times spent here with lovely friends. So nice to have your comment. Valda and Alan