Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Went to Bendigo for Fays birthday party and had a wonderful time. Caught up with Fays children, spouses, and beautiful grandchildren. Fay made the little figures on the cake. Lots of yummy food, and great company.
Brendan, Jacquie, Kirstyn Marita and two kids. Salads being prepared in Fay and Ian's kitchen.

Takara waiting for the food, Travis putting some of the salads on the table.
Takara looking through the scrap book of Fay's life.

This is a wonderful cake, Fay has made little people of all the family, plus Ian's family. Candles on the cup cakes. Took ages to light them all.

Fay and Ian listening to the speeches of congratulations. This is the garage which doubles as an entertainment area, sliding door opens onto the verandah.

WOW all the candles going. The grandkids helped to blow them out.

Cutting the cake, Jacquie waiting to take off the little people and cut up the cake.
Congratulations to Fay, such a great afternoon, everybody enjoyed themselves.
Takara had never meet this side of the family however the kids played together.
It has been a busy time.
Love to you all.

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