Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Takara and Nana left Swan Hill just after 5pm on Monday looked a bit stormy and then as we were  half way home the wind struck. Branches and trees started to fall down around us and onto the road, it wasn't fun being out in that. The wind gusts measured 107 Kilometers at 5.25pm, so glad to see the house and drive into the garage and shelter. Pa had come inside to keep out of everything, however as we drove in we could see 'smooth dog' sitting up in the tractor out of the storm where Pa had left him.
Takara pointing to the gum tree that had fallen away from the house. 

These photo's were taken just after the storm passed.
Next day - we took the camera out to inspect the damage.
This is all that is left standing of the gum tree, one branch and a big tear where the tree broke away.

Takara on the gum tree that had broken off.

Looking towards the house, you can see how lucky we were to have the tree fall over the fence.

Now we are at the back of the garage. One of the trees down where we back out of the garage. Pa has a bit of cleaning up to do. Wind is still blowing today, but nothing like yesterday.
Spring always has very "moody" days - beautiful one day and so windy the next. Every year that we can remember there have been bad winds and someone has something blown over or damaged.
Bye for now.
Take care and keep safe.


Be A Fun Mum said...

Whoa! That's a big tree!

Lorilee Sigler said...

Lucky indeed. Had the gum tree fallen the other way, it would've caused a massive headache on repairs and renovation. That was really a close one. Might be time to trim the other trees' bigger limbs, just to be sure. Stay safe!


Valda Mason said...

We certainly have had wind this year and trees damaged, quite frightening. Thanks for coming by.