Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Swan Hill Show. Pa clearing away the fallen tree, Takara colouring.

I'm am back again blogging. So much has been happening of late blogging was put on hold. Takara came for the last week of the school holidays, Pa removed the gum tree that had blown down in the storm, went shopping, ten pin bowling, looking up Australian Dolls and colouring in pictures, and also spent a day at the local show. We had lots of fun at the show weather was lovely, nursing an Australian dog - a Dingo - making a wax hand, going through the exhibitions. Then it was time for Takara to go back home. We went to Bendigo for my sisters 70th Birthday and meet Takara's MUM there, caught up with the nieces and nephews and their beautiful families.
Pa taking the gum tree away.
Takara colouring in the pictures of the 'Australian Doll'

Takara with the finished Wax mould of her hand.

The hand had to be coated with grease then put into iced water. The hot wax is in the pots.
What a beautiful Australian DOG - Dingo - This is a pup. The owner has these dogs at Lake Boga apparently they don't bark, but have a howling sound.

Takara checking out the scarecrow at the exhibit hall.
I have make a mistake with the pictures, here is Takara putting her hand into the molten wax to make the wax mould.

Takara in ball waiting for it to inflate. She will be put onto the water you can see in the background. This was lots of fun.

Lady inflating the ball and will push Takara into the pool to float and play around in the ball. These were some of the activities available at the Local Show. 
More pictures to come.
Love to you all.

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